CoinLedger: Crypto Tax Software So Easy, a Caveman Could Do It

I'm a caveman. I don't know anything about taxes. But I do know about crypto. I know that it's a new and exciting way to store and transfer value, and I'm excited about the possibilities. But I also know that crypto taxes are a pain in the neck. I mean, who wants to spend their time tracking their trades and calculating their capital gains? It's enough to make a caveman want to go back to bartering.


Me Caveman. Me no understand tax stuff. Me like shiny crypto. Tax on crypto, big headache!

But guess what? Me try! Crypto tax thingy say it so easy, even caveman like me can use it. Me tell you, it true! CoinLedger so easy, me finish tax stuff in less than a full moon.

Here how it go:

  • Sign up for free thingy.
  • Connect shiny crypto places.
  • CoinLedger do magic, import all rocks and pebbles.
  • Look at rocks, make changes if need.
  • Boom! Tax report appear like magic.

That's it! It as easy as chasing mammoth for dinner.

So, if you're crypto person who no like tax headache, me say try Crypto tax thingy so easy, even caveman can use!


Me like these things about CoinLedger:

  • It work with 1,200+ shiny crypto places.
  • It handle tricky stuff like staking, mining, and DeFi.
  • Free plan for simple cave people.
  • It look pretty, and people help when you yell for help.

Overall, CoinLedger make me happy. Best crypto tax thingy me ever use. If you want tax stuff to hurt less, try CoinLedger. Me recommend!


But wait, there some not-so-good things:

  • Free plan only good for 200 rocks.
  • Paid plans make you give shiny pebbles.
  • Sometimes it go slow, like snail in tar pit.

Still, me think good things about CoinLedger more than bad. Good for crypto people who want easy and not-so-many pebbles for tax stuff.


Me tell friend about CoinLedger? Yes! Me tell friend, you should use CoinLedger. Best crypto tax thingy ever. Easy, not too many pebbles, and friends help when you get stuck.

If you want tax stuff to hurt less, give CoinLedger a try!